About Us


Spread Your Wings offers bespoke educational experiences in Dubai for success-driven students and young professionals. Our Explore Dubai and Interactive Workshops packages combine workshops, an immersive cultural experience, exclusive industry insights, behind the scenes exposure and unique networking opportunities. Collaborate with a network of like-minded individuals and engage with industry experts. Learn, develop new skills and make invaluable connections for the future.

 Our ultimate goal is to build a network of ambitious students and young professionals with the desire to lead and disrupt in their respective fields. We celebrate growth, reject boundaries and believe that everyone has the power to broaden their horizons.


Get to know other passionate students and professionals from around the world. From startup entrepreneurs to creative minds, you will be surrounded by new, compelling individuals who share your passion and drive as well as the desire to work together, learn from one another and discover the Middle Eastern world.


Learn from accredited, seasoned professionals about securing employment, excelling in the workplace and progressing up the ladder. Whether it’s a multinational company employing thousands or a lean start-up team of 5, discover how to manage your goals and objectives efficiently and respond to external pressure.


Give yourself a competitive edge that can only be gained from learning skills in a real-world setting. Whether it be a CFO highlighting the importance of cash-flow or a 5-starred hotelier offering a behind-the-scenes look into the hospitality industry, you will receive insightful hands-on knowledge from experts in the industry.