The Expo 2020
Expo 2020 Dubai will be a celebration of human brilliance and achievement. It will be an opportunity for people to connect from different corners of the world, to experience the best of art, culture, geography, science, technology, innovation and invention. Throughout its history, the UAE has shown the world what is possible through its remarkable development. With Expo 2020 Dubai will go a step further in inspiring the next generation to spark innovations that will underline the next 50 years of human progress.
Expo 2020 will achieve its sustainability goals through a variety of clever techniques and technologies. Producing clean energy through renewable resources and water consumption will be reduced by using methods such as smart controls for metering and irrigation. Visitors will remain comfortable, with 75 per cent of the concourse shaded by green canopies. Expo 2020 aims to divert 85 per cent of all waste from landfill by reducing, recycling and repurposing – turning waste into everything from fertiliser to souvenir t-shirts.
You’ll find ground breaking architecture at every turn, the world’s biggest 360-degree projection surface steel dome called Al Wasl, where you can watch a screening on the ceiling. Combining Emirati and global talent, the nation’s first opera will bring to life the UAE’s rich history and share its innovative spirit with the world. For Art lovers, you can enjoy art installations, art work from local and global talents across Expo 2020’s living canvas in every corner. Don’t forget to get a birds eye view from the top of the rotating observation tower!
The pavilions at Expo 2020 is made from organic materials, 2,500 tonnes of stone and 111 km of woven rope. The opportunity pavilion is based on a series of gameplay moments that will challenge your thinking on issues related to basic needs of water, food & energy. The Mobility Pavilion allows you to step into a virtual world into the city of tomorrow, you may even be served by a robot or drone waiter along the way. Lastly the Sustainability pavilion will show you the humanity's effects on the environment.
At the Expo 2020 will consist of 50+ cuisines. While at the Expo get a taste of robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality and see how technology will change how food is prepared, how food is ordered and delivered. Food connects people and cultures, and what better way to enjoy the company of others than sharing a delicious dish and fresh experiences together? Old classics, new favourites, street bites and gourmet delights across more than 200 food and beverage outlets.
Be entertained and get excited about a jam-packed programme of live performances including world-famous stars, comedy greats, local talents and touring attractions. Expo 2020 seeks to encourage a spirit of curiosity, amazement and fun in younger visitors, whether they’re joining a make-your-own-robot workshop, learning about 3D-printed human organs or burning energy via exercise-gaming activities. Participate in mindfulness sessions, extreme sports and everything in between.