Warren Nel

Certified John Maxwell Coach

As a certified speaker, coach and trainer, Warren is committed to help people reach their fullest potential and achieve personal & professional success. He specializes in working with young professionals to help set goals and come up with strategies to reach them. His coaching sessions focus on strategic thinking and innovative approaches. His mission is to maximize your limitless potential and succeed in all you do.

Dawn Kubicek

CEO & Founder of Leaders in Digital 

Dawn is a social media trainer and digital marketing consultant as well as being an official TEDx Speaker. After 17 years of working in corporate marketing she now supports entrepreneurs, startups and SME’s internationally to achieve the unexpected in digital performance. Her teaching approach is more of hands on training where participants will be able to test and learn new social media marketing strategies.

Professional Life Coach  
Over 23 years of PR, Comms and Media experience. Talal has a very thorough and deep
understanding of these markets, politically, economically and culturally which helped transformed CEO’s and leading executives from local and multinational companies into powerful spokespeople. Areas of Expertise include Media Influence and Engagement, Public Speaking, Story-telling, Messaging and Crisis/Issues management.
Talent Coach
 As a keynote and motivational speaker, Sam coaches groups and individuals from various
industries on how to unlock their personal talents and achieve greater success. Coaching C-Suite Executives including young and emerging talents, to empower and become top performers.  Over 21 years of experience in the areas of advertising, film & talent scouting. Certified and qualified NLP Practitioner, Mindscaper & Hypnotist.


Personal and Communication Development 
Warren Nel

What they don’t teach you in School. 

Personal development and growth training. 

Leadership, communication, & influence strategies.

6 pillars of success: learning about key areas to be more effective both professionally and in personal life. 

 “Dream bigger” Workshop.

4 levels of communication. 

Social Media and Digital Marketing
Dawn Kubicek

The key elements of creating a Digital Marketing plan.

Setting yourself up for success from day 1.

Creating your own content strategy to reach your audience.

How to reach your target audience with a robust strategy & Setting up your own Ad in Facebook Ad Manager.

2020 tips from LinkedIn to grow organically.

Grow your engagement & connections.